Sending correspondence on Windows (using the printer integration)

Once successfully installed, simple:

  1. Click on 'Print' on any program that has the ability to print.
  2. Select 'MedirefPrinter' from the list of available printers and click 'Print'.
  3. Switch to the local Mediref application - a PDF version of whatever document you printed on step 1 will be waiting there ready to send.
  4. (Optional) - If you are sending multiple documents/images, add all of them to the correspondence (documents can be added by selecting from your computer, dragging and dropping or even continuing to 'Print' via the MedirefPrinter.
  5. (Optional) Add the patient name. This helps with organisation, though is optional if the attached documents are already identified with the patient details.
  6. Select your recipients on the left hand column.
  7.  Hit 'Send'.  Done!!

    To watch a video on how easy this process is, click here

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