How do I install Mediref on a Mac?

We're working on a Mac version of Mediref's printer! In the meantime, here is the most efficient way to run Mediref on a Mac.

  1. Download this and unzip it.

  2. Drag the created folder into your Mac's 'Applications' folder. Go into it and right click on 'medirefv4desktop', select 'Open'. Note - The first time you open the application, you will need to open it via the right click => 'Open' method (since it is a new program). After that, normal double clicking will work fine.

  3. On your dock icon, right click on Mediref => Go to 'Options' => Click on 'Keep in dock'

    That's it - Mediref is fully usable at this point from your Dock - no browser needed. If you want some added automation, read on. 

What we are aiming for - the capacity to click on 'Print' from any program (e.g. MS Word, your PMS, anything else) and have that single click: (A) Convert the document into a PDF (B) Move that document into a temporary, dedicated, Mediref Outgoing folder (C)  Launch the Mediref application and (D) Launch the temporary folder, ready for the newly created file to be dragged into Mediref to be sent off:

  1. Create a folder on your computer and call it 'Mediref Outgoing' (or something similar - your choice). You may store this folder wherever you like. We do recommend dragging it into your 'Favourites' list on the left hand side:
  2. Go back to the 'MedirefApp(64bit)' folder that you dragged into your applications folder (above in step 2). Find the automator file named 'Mediref Automation' and double click on it. You will get a dialog with the options (as shown below). Click on 'Open with Automator'.
  3. The screen that comes up needs 2 adjustments (relative to your computer). Once these are done (video demo below for reference), you're good to install and start using Mediref via the workflow. 
    • In the dropdown labelled 'Move Finder Items' - click on 'Other' and navigate to the folder you created above in step 1. Then click on 'Choose'
    • In the dropdown labelled 'Launch Application', click on 'Other' and navigate to the Mediref application we have just created. This will be under 'Applications' => 'MedirefApp(64bit mac)' => 'medirefv4desktop' (with the Mediref logo as an icon)
  4. (Still in Automator) Go to 'File' and click 'Save'.
  5. Final step! Go back to the 'MedirefApp(64bit)' folder and double click on the 'Mediref Automation' workflow again. This time, when the dialogue comes up, click on 'Install'.

That's it. Now when you bring up your print dialog from any program, on the bottom left, the dropdown will have an option called 'Mediref Automation' that will perform as above.

We are working hard to make this integrated even tighter to minimise the number of clicks required. Let us know if you have any feedback or if any of the above instructions can be made clearer!

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