What's the difference between normal email and Mediref's send to email feature?

The Privacy Principles require a practice to have taken ‘reasonable steps’ to secure patient correspondence as best as they can. While email does not do this, using Mediref in this way does (seeing as the recipient is not on Mediref). 

1. Mediref to Mediref correspondence is definitely more secure (and more reliable!). We started out Mediref 3 years ago with just this one option, but quickly found that there was zero chance of anybody jumping into one system without a transitionary method in place.
2. The link sent by email expires, after which it is no longer accessible. Something not available in email. We could, upon request, expire a wrongly sent/misplaced email token if required - the ability to do this from your dashboard is in the works.
3. Sensitive health information is kept within our servers, rather than getting sent via mail servers which tend to be distributed around the world. Australian Privacy Act requires the health information component to stay within Australia.
We encourage you to pose the exact same question to your professional body (ADA, AMA etc.) and ask them their take on this.
In the future, we hope to discontinue this feature in favour of everybody being either on Mediref, or a compatible alternative that can communicate with Mediref, allowing email to be bypassed entirely. 

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